Monday, August 13, 2007

Good-Bye, Karl, Good-Bye

Interesting, that.

I'll be interested to see if and when they come up with a successor. Can't say I'll miss him, but by the same token, I wonder if they're trying to to cut back on the extremely recognizable fixtures of the administration—I mean, come on, who's heard a word about Gates since he took up the post?—and if so I wonder what for.

I don't want to take anything for granted with these guys, even if they give me something that seems to be a gift. In this case, I'd be up for looking in the mouth, if only I could see in.

We'll see.


At 2:06 PM, Blogger Connor said...

I'm verrrrry suspicious.

Seems like it's very easily calculated to distance Bush and Rove from each other.

This way Bush won't have Rove's sketchy illegalities tailing around during the last year of his term, while Rove and maybe "separate" himself (I mean, ostensibly) from policy decisions he allegedly didn't have much to do with enough to get involved in 2008.

The whole thing makes me much more jittery than Rumsfeld's resignation, which seemed more like a force.


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