Saturday, July 28, 2007

Find Myself a City to Live In

Connor has done a couple of these, and I want to jump on the bandwagon. Below are 100 Places in the U.S. I'd like to live for a period of three months or more. Assuming, as Connor said, food, clothing, shelter and some discretionary income. Also, places I've never lived for three months before. Please feel free to do this, with whatever number of places you desire. 100 Places Outside the U.S. I'd Like to Live is coming soon.

100 Places in the U.S. I'd Like to Live
1. Ames, Iowa
2. Annapolis, Maryland
3. Asheville, North Carolina
4. Ashland, Oregon
5. Austin, Texas
6. Barton, Vermont
7. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
8. Beaufort, North Carolina
9. Bedford, Virginia
10. Biloxi, Mississippi
11. Birmingham, Alabama
12. Boise, Idaho
13. Boston, Massachusetts
14. Buffalo, New York
15. Camilla, Georgia
16. Cape May, New Jersey
17. Carbondale, Illinois
18. Carlsbad, New Mexico
19. Casper, Wyoming
20. Charleston, South Carolina
21. Cherry Creek, Nevada
22. Colorado City, Arizona
23.Columbus, Ohio
24. Corpus Christi, Texas
25. Crisfield, Maryland
26. Denver, Colorado
27. Detroit, Michigan
28. Eagle River, Michigan
29. Eastport, Maine
30. Elliott Key, Florida (wherein the shelter would be a tent, but hey)
31. Erie, Pennsylvania
32. Eureka, California
33. Fargo, North Dakota
34. Frankfort, Kentucky
35. Gardiner, Montana
36. Gary, Indiana
37. Greenville, Mississippi
38. Greenwood, South Caroina
39. Hanover, New Hampshire
40. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
41. Honolulu, Hawaii
42. Hot Springs, Arkansas
43. Houston, Texas
44. Ithaca, New York
45. Juneau, Alaska
46. Kalispell, Montana
47. Kansas City, Missouri
48. Keene, New Hampshire
49. Ketchikan, Alask
50. Key Largo, Florida
51. Las Vegas, Nevada
52. Lenox, Massachusetts
53. Logan, Utah
54. Los Angeles, California
55. Louisville, Kentucky
56. Madison, Wisconsin
57. Memphis, Tennessee
58. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
59. Missoula, Montana
60. Moab, Utah
61. Mobile, Alabama
62. Montpelier, Vermont
63. Nashville, Tennessee
64. New Orleans, Louisiana
65. Newark, New Jersey
66. Newport, Rhode Island
67. Newport News, Virginia
68. Nome, Alaska
69. Northampton, Massachusetts
70. Oakland, California
71. Owyhee, Nevada
72. Ozark, Missouri
73. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
74. Pierre, South Dakota
75. Portland, Maine
76. Portland, Oregon
77. Providence, Rhode Island
78. Pueblo, Colorado
79. Pu'uwai, Hawaii
80. San Francisco, California
81. Salt Lake City, Utah
82. Salmon, Idaho
83. San Diego, California
84. San Juan, Puerto Rico
85. Santa Fe, New Mexico
86. Saint Paul, Minnesota
87. Savannah, Georgia
88. Scranton, Pennsylvania
89. Seattle, Washington
90. Seward, Nebraska
91. Silver Bay, Minnesota
92. Spokane, Washington
93. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
94. Topeka, Kansas
95. Truro, Massachusetts
96. Tulsa, Oklahoma
97. Tusayan, Arizona
98. Washington, District of Columbia
99. Zanesville, Ohio
100. Zuni, New Mexico


At 1:26 PM, Blogger Morgan W. Brown said...

re: 62. Montpelier, Vermont, fyi:

If you have not already done so yet, check out the Montpelier Matters blog: The *Unofficial* team blog regarding Montpelier, Vermont matters, happenings and news, blogged on a volunteer basis by various concerned citizen bloggers.

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

You can live in Leonx MA for free if you volunteer for kriplu yoga center ( Barton VT is home of Bread & Puppet and I think they've got some kind of volunteer gig going too.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Seriously? You have no preference for part of the country or terrain or weather? From the Dakotas to Florida to New Hampshire to Hawaii?



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