Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm Sure

I'm sure that in 1974, there were many, many people as pissed at Gerald Ford as I am currently pissed at Bush.

But goddamn, I am pissed at Bush.

It's certainly not like this was unexpected, nor is Libby's crime of such magnitude that I was particularly desperate to see it avenged. Nor, if we're to pull the lens even further back, am I such a fan or advocate of the prison system as to make me particularly eager to feed anyone else into it. Nor am I honestly so incensed at the Valerie Plame scandal itself, more just abstractly desirous of seeing SOMEONE in this administration, however peripheral, see some sort of consequence for at least one of the thousand flauntings of the legal system.

Cronyism will be cronyism, I suppose. And it's logical, if not ethical, for Bush to cover his own ass, particularly when Cheney's ass-covering mechanisms are somewhat lacking in fifth-grade social studies curricular materials. But FOR FUCK'S FUCKIN' SAKE.



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