Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Poetry: Emily Dickinson

I must confess, I've never been enamored of the woman. Or perhaps just not generally enamored of what her fan base has made of her. It's rare for her poems to get me excited. But she's important, and interesting, and I've never put her up before, and this isn't one of those overdone poems of hers. Plus the subject definitely has been on my mind. So here goes.

Emily Dickinson
[There came a Wind like a Bugle]

There came a Wind like a Bugle —
It quivered through the Grass
And a Green Chill upon the Heat
So ominous did pass
We barred the Windows and the Doors
As from an Emerald Ghost —
The Doom's electric Moccasin
That very instant passed —
On a strange Mob of panting Trees
And Fences fled away
And Rivers where the Houses ran
Those looked that lived — that Day ˆ
The Bell within the steeple wild
The flying tidings told —
How much can come
And much can go,
And yet abide the World!


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