Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Passage

Is it strange that I am really mourning Heath Ledger? Because I am.

It's not just that he was very close to my own age, and while I can imagine the plight of Michelle Williams and having to explain this to a two-year-old, what I'm mostly feeling is a loss to the profession. Which may be even stranger. The man was a really wonderful actor, and seemed really to love acting, and to try to create a world for himself and build a world for others in which his work really mattered, really changed things. I found it, and still find it it, admirable and impressive. As an audience member incredibly distanced from who the gentleman really was to those who knew him personally, I'll miss him. I think I miss him already.


At 6:51 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

you know, i unexpectedly really started mourning Heath Ledger too after he died. which is funny, because if i hadn't seen I'm Not There just a few weeks before, i'd barely know who the man was. i felt like i *knew* the guy, all of a sudden.

i can't help but think, though: what if Heath Ledger was a woman? i'd think that surely the press would have to be at least a little less laudatory, a little more tsk-tsk, i-told-you-so. from what i read about him, it didn't seem like he was any less wild than Lindsay Lohan, but no one ever seemed to tell him don't hang out with Mary Kate, i mean, did they?

funny, i guess, how the strangest things make us think of (shudder) *politics* sometimes.


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