Saturday, January 05, 2008

Enterntainment: Dedicated to My Grandmother

This is another RMPN excerpt. I spent the week before last staying with my grandmother (and many other members of my visiting family) in Miami and was reminded of her inherent awesomeness. As such, I dedicate this list that I made with her about four years ago to her. Lacking interweb access, she'll never read the post, but nevertheless it's awesome.

A New Grocery Store
1 lb. of condoleezza rice
A quart of harvey milk
A bag of fiona apples
A side of francis bacon, sliced thin (or possibly kevin bacon)
A package of felix frankfurters, or alternatively barney franks
A container of darryl strawberries
Some albert broccoli
A donna tartt
A barbara hershey bar
A claude pepper
Some jack lemmons
A bottle of olive oyl
A bag of orson beans
A hock of mia hamm
A box of halle berries
Two jugs of ethel waters
A box of jennifer salt


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