Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year-Ending Meme, 2007

Just thinking. This post contains the first and last sentence posted in every month of 2007. Because there's so much Friday Poetry and so many lists, I'm not going to count Friday Poetry sentences or items on lists, just paragraphs preceding the actual poem/list.

First: Sorry for the long delay, folks, but I had a lovely vacation and I hope you did as well.
Last: But its author and director are equally tone-deaf to the nuances of the social world they aim to portray, and as such run from the possibility of any real artistic insight.

First: I'm in love with Helen Mirren.
Last: But this one's been in my head, and next week I promise to break the pattern.

First: From HelsBells, I got a hold of the Guardian's Top 100 Books You Can't Live Without.
Last: Kind of nice to have a literary place to practice.

First: Excuse the delay.
Last: Can anyone out there speak to that?

First: For everyone: Balls to Congress will go live sometime in the next two weeks.
Last: Yes.

First: I am thinking about this article Tyromaven sent from WorldChanging a couple of weeks ago, and I am thinking about food donation and the general concept of "helping those less fortunate," and I am thinking about the Olympics in 2008 in Beijing and the possibility of the Olympics in 2016 in Chicago, and I am thinking about comfort in all its ambiguous definitions and necessities.
Last: Yay.

First: I'm sure that in 1974, there were many, many people as pissed at Gerald Ford as I am currently pissed at Bush.
Last: Again, assuming food, shelter, clothing, some discretionary income, and in this case some rudimentary knowledge of at least one of the country's languages.

First: I don't know.
Last: In honor of this locale and of the recent upsurge in resignations, I'll offer a small selection on our president from the "Deadline Poet" of The Nation.

First: I've pretty much spent the last two and a half weeks watching Six Feet Under.
Last: Either way there is this poem.

First: And of course, there's this.
Last: So coming in two and a half months before deadline will suit me just fine.

First: This was provided to me by one fabulous Moxiesocks a coupla weeks ago.
Last: Some of them lack a certain subtlety, and some of them were much funnier in 2001, but I still have a particular soft spot for the list, and for numbers 12 and 23 in particular.

First: I have an overactive imagination and worry too much, so when people skip out on commitments, or when I haven't heard back from them for a week and normally do, there is always at least a part of me that thinks something awful has happened.


At 8:47 PM, Blogger Sweet Heart of the Song Tra Bong said...

i have not visited you in too long. as the year ends, i'm waxing sentimental this sunday evening and stumbled across your blog. how the heck are you? i had no idea that i could be gemma-entertained so ridiculously well through the ever-gratifying blogger.

beau coup love,


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