Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Coming to a Close

This is the Year-Ending Meme. I know we're not quite at the end of the year yet, but we're close, and I always like the summarizey feel it offers. Plus, I've just made and written a good twenty-five Christmas cards and I need a break. (If you know me and want a card, send me your address. They're pretty.)

So, the first and last sentences of every month in the year 2008 on the blog Third Rail Themes are below. Not including the first or last lines of poems, only lines that I wrote.

First: I coulda chosen a more uplifting poem for my first post of 2008, I suppose.
Last: I love the poem because that doesn't matter.

First: A couple of months ago, among many other strange experiences, I had the strange experience of listening to the Indigo Girls' "This Train Revised" for the fifteenth time and realizing for the first time that it was a Holocaust song.
Last: I like it when poetry uses exclamation points.

First: Now you can actually hear me.
Last: Please come see me read!

First: It's National Poetry Month!
Last: By the way, they all live together in the Sharking Shack.

First: I'll get back to the thing where I post with substance in between Friday Poetries soon, I promise.
Last: I didn't end up liking the book very much, but I must say that I do like thinking about the poem.

First: Okay, the knowledge that I now have a driver's license perhaps does not particularly serve the public, but it is nevertheless being announced.
Last: I've never loved him, but I guess I need to do this as I move out of Chicago.

First: This is one of those state-of-the-blog blog posts.
Last: All my love with A and her family.

First: Hard to believe I've never posted the man before, but this poem came into my life yesterday and was one of the socked-in-the-stomach moments.
Last: Why do we forget this so easily?

First: Some interesting comments were made on my previous post that you should read.
Last: That's all I know until I teach myself more.

First: This one he actually did create, and I like it.
Last: In the meantime, I'll liveblog if I can; if not, VOTE, ferfuckssake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First: I've just returned from five days knocking on doors in New Mexico.
Last: Thanks.

First: 2008 has come to feel to me like the Year of Mortality.
Last: … who knows …


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