Sunday, November 30, 2008

In Your Thoughts

It seems that a lot of my posts are about things both rather personal and bleak lately. I'm going to write a post about *that* soon, but first, a request.

J, the six-month-old baby of a family I know in Chicago, is seriously ill, ill to the point that he requires a liver transplant as soon as possible. If a donor liver does not become available in the next several days, J's father will be donating a piece of his own liver to his son, making two major surgeries in the family in one day, never mind the challenge this has already been for J's parents, J's three-year-old sister, and J himself.

Because I can't do anything concrete, and few of us can, I'm asking for everyone's positive thoughts.

If you pray, please do that for J and his family. If you happen to work at any kind of religious school where kids pray for other people, please ask them for that.

If you send positive thoughts and/or love into the world on a more abstract level, as I do, please do that.

If you know other people in a similar situation — comparable in any way — please give them all the support you can.

If you know the family I'm talking about personally, please hug them all for me.

I believe in all of this. I believe in the power of thought, and the power of belief— in anything—and the power of love. Each of those phrases is more sentimental than the last, but it's true. So: I'm asking everyone who's reading this to believe in it too. Or at least to suspend disbelief long enough to send positive thoughts for baby J.



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