Saturday, October 18, 2008

To Your Health

In switching my health insurance from Illinois to New York, my quarterly premiums have quintupled.

Yes, you heard me. QUINTUPLED.

(Actually, I'm not sure that's the word you use for multiplication, but fuck it.)

I would like to inform John McCain that that totals way, way, WAAAAAAY more than $5000 annually. As do the premiums—never mind appointments and drugs and the like—for any health plan one can possibly get when based in New York City.

So? says John McCain. You can get any policy you want in any state you want! Don't you understand?

Mr. McCain, do you honestly think that insurance companies in small, cheap states are equipped to handle the influx of New York City residents? Or is it that you think they won't adjust their premiums accordingly?

Make no mistake, team: the McCain/Palin "health plan" would be the death rattle for health care in the United States. I would not say this about all of McCain and Palin's views, but anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain deluded.


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