Monday, January 30, 2006

This Post Is Extremely Self-Referential

Having a site counter has made me feel I owe greater allegiance to my readers--there are few of you, but you're definitely there and it makes me feel cool. So I've determined to get more disciplined about my blogging, and to post at least four times a month. I will aim for more than that (this, for example, is my fifth post for the month of January), though I cannot guarantee it, but every month will include at least four posts of substance.

I thought for a while that I might break posts more into categories, as on Blue Skies Falling, but I do not use this blog as a personal journal, and beyond that, all of my possible categories (artistic, national politics, international politics, popular culture) tend to bleed into one another. So I've scrapped that. I can't figure out how I would tag a post like this. Business, I suppose, or pointlessness. Bilal also seems to have a pretty good tagging system set up. But categories have never been one of my great skills.

Also, recently my sister asked me whence came the name and URL of my blog. Since the last time I posted an explanation was over a year ago, I offer you this.

The Third Rail Theme
by Walt Kelly
published in I Go Pogo, copyright 1952 by Walt Kelly

The Party of the first Part
and the Party of the next
Are partly participled
In a parsley-covered text--

Were you partial to a Party
That has parceled out its parts
With the Party that was second
In your polly-tickle heart?

Then parlay all your losings
On a horse that's running dark--
With lights-out you may triple
In a homer in the park.

And if that doesn't explain it, well, I just don't know what does.


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