Friday, December 16, 2005

This Is a Meme. This Is Only a Meme.

Sorry, every now and then I feel like being a little more "bloggy."

But have we noticed how *profligate* this December has been? Give me a little room to think and I post like a madwoman. Anyway, this meme comes from my friend Bilal:

"This year's 'year in review' meme:
Take the first sentence of the first entry for each month of the past year and post it here. That's your year in review.
After doing this once, I decided to expand the meme this year. This will also include the last sentence of the last entry for each month."

I like Bilal's expansion, and this is just the kind of reflection on writing that I like to do. So here goes.

The Party of the first Part
and the party of the next
Are partly participled
In a parsley-covered text

It's also good on its own, is patriotism, but it's better than nationalism, clearly.

There have been sooooo many conversations I can write about lately.

But is sanity actually just a matter of adherence to, knowledge of, ability to adjust oneself to, social mores and the choices a society makes?

Spoilers for today: My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult, Push by Sapphire, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal by Thomas Harris.

The scary part is that sometimes I think we might be right; these days I'm certainly having a hard time imagining how they would change.

I'm well aware it's been almost a month since I posted--you don't have to *tell* me.

I wanna hear from more people.

I learned long ago that there are three answers to every question that begins with "why?"

Is that seriously problematic, or not?

A long time ago I read a Letter to the Editor regarding the Patriot Act's surveys of our library records.

Tell me why!

It's going to take worse than this before I even hesitate to take public transportation.

It creates many social connections that we don't spend nearly enough time considering; it's what allows you to notice that you live in a community, or that you're present in one at the moment.

It's been a while!

Look for a series of posts--some following this shorter trend, some not--inspired by Work Thoughts in the next few weeks.

We're All Connected: which was also the slogan of New York Telephone in the late '80s and early '90s.

I'm getting into these brief entries, because it means I can ask simple(r) questions, put out simple(r) thoughts, while working on bigger posts, and not have to be removed from the "post frequently" list on Blue Skies Falling.

In keeping with my fixation on the right to privacy, and due to the recent prevalence of conversations about abortion in my life (sometimes topics just pop up all around you, rather like cartoon dodos), I'm coming to believe we're due not simply for a political, but for a philosophical revamp of how we approach privacy--privacy as it pertains to a woman's body, to abortion, to parenthood, and probably by extension to living in ways that do not directly pertain to reproduction.

And yet, even without knowing what you know, it happens to you, and means something to you, anyway.

This is not a terrifically useful post.

But maybe it starts there.

Because I don't know enough about Catholicism to create an interesting or useful post on the Vatican's condemnation of homosexuality, and because everyone else is doing it, I'm going to send you here, to Connor's blog, to read his fascinating and thorough dissection of the document in form and content.

December ain't over yet, so there's no last sentence yet.


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