Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Moment of DNC Irritation

As I was watching the coverage of the DNC on MSNBC, a gentleman said that the Obamas have to walk a fine line about resentment—that is, about being resented—because "it's not so much about race as is is about ordinary Americans saying—how did they get there when I didn't? How did they get an education at Harvard and Princeton when I can't afford college for my own kids?" And so on and so forth, with other similar questions.

Of COURSE that's about race and racism, ASSHOLE. You didn't hear anyone asking that about the Bushes or the Kerrys or the Clintons, did you? No, these "ordinary Americans" just assumed that those people/families were entitled to what they had. These "ordinary Americans," including you, dude who's speaking (I forget who it was; he was not particularly famous), refuse to make that assumption about a black family. What do you think that's about other than racism, exactly?

Just sayin'.

Randomly musing on the Hillary holdouts, it suddenly crossed my mind exactly how royally fucked we as Obama supporters are should McCain choose a female running mate. Do we think there's any chance he's going to do that?

And by the by, I want Sasha Obama to be president. She's already got the public speaking thing *down*.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Connor said...


As for the second point (McCain choosing a women), per the Times, they conducted polls about vetting women for the job, and it turns out his numbers take a 10-20 percent hit for any female veep. From the Far Right no doubt. That's what comes of choosing dangerous allies, I guess.


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