Friday, June 06, 2008

And Just for the Heck of It, A Few More Sharks

These include the contributions of many people. Feel free to add your own. If you want one, you should go shopping at Sharksmart; once you get it, you could move together to Mansfield Shark and go shopping at a sharkuterie. But if you think I'm crazy for getting so into this, you're probably right. I need electroshark therapy.

Sharkus Aurelius
Sharko Polo
Deepak Sharkra
Shark Twain
Sharc Anthony
Alexander the Great White
Sharkus Garvey
George Sand Shark
George Bernard Shark
Barry Great White
Hermione Graner Shark
Charles Sharkley
Harpo, Groucho, Chico and Zeppo Sharx
Senator Tom Sharkin
Karl Sharx
Sharklotte's Web
Joan of Sharc
Sharquille O'Neill
Def Leppard Shark
Sharknia Twain
Donnie Sharko
Reverend Al Sharkton


At 7:37 AM, Blogger Lawrence said...

hey gemma, sorry for contacting you about this for something neither poetry- nor politics- (nor shark-) related, but i think i've lost track of your current email address... do you think you could email me nancy fales-garrett's contact information? i'd like to see if she might still have a computerized version of He On Honey-Dew to send me... thanks...!!


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