Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Poetry: Sarah Nooter

This poem comes from a high school classmate, when she was still in high school. So if she's googling herself and comes across this and is no longer connected to this poem, I apologize for perpetuating it. But it's been in my head a lot lately, it is published (i.e. I'm not just sneaking it out of my high school poetry class), and it stands right now, I think, as a particular shout-out to Tyromaven.

Sarah Nooter
Pears of the World

We, the pears of the world,
would like for you to eat us
whole. We want you to peel us,
to boil us, to poach us. Smother
us in the milk of raspberries. Singe
us with molten chocolate.

Grow us, pick us,
wash and slice us,
chew us,
tell us when we're too ripe
and too dry.
No, really.


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