Friday, November 10, 2006

Balls to Congress

This weekend, Annie and I are having a party to kick off Balls to Congress, a silly activist idea along the Dan Savage lines born of an electric lunchtime conversation.

We're starting with the new Democrats in the House and Senate and Speaker Pelosi, along with the Democrats we favor less who voted for Patriot Act II and the Military Commissions Act. The former group will receive a package containing tennis, golf, ping-pong, basket- or footballs, along with a beautiful hand-lettered card reading, "Dear Senator [or Representative]: Welcome to Congress. Have Some Balls. Sincerely, [citizen—all packages sent anonymously]." The latter group will receive the same package, but the card will specify the offending legislation. As in, "Dear Senator: The Military Commissions Act. Next time, Have Some Balls. Sincerely, [citizen]."

The hope is to get this off the ground as a wider service. Our website is in development, but in the meantime, Email me if you know me, because you're welcome to come by this weekend, and if you don't, Email We will happily send a box to your chosen Congressperson with a customized message that is short and includes the phrase "Have Some Balls" (you're also free to use our default messages) and we'll keep you updated on future developments in our service.

Yeah, so that's the new thing.


At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Mr. Tyromaven said...

First response!
From Rep. Hank Johnson Jr (D) of Decatur Georgia, as reported by my mother:

I opened it.
Hank Johnson Decatur Georgia to Mr. Rasha Abdulhadi

It says
Mr. Abdulhadi,
Thanks for the "balls". With these, I will certainly "stand tall" for the protection of our civil liberties.
Have a great holiday season, & thanks for your support.
Hank Johnson.

Does this make sense to you?

I opened because it looked like ad or wierd. lol ... handwritten.

___that is all.


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