Thursday, October 12, 2006


Milligan has an excellent post about the detainee act, citing a vivid description of Jose Padilla's detention.

Here is what makes all of it, and more, perfectly okay under United States law.

Eh, I dunno what to say anymore. Sustainability matters tremendously, primarily because we're going to have to know how to sustain ourselves, live in a workable and functional way without things provided for us, as this country devolves.

To answer Milligan's question as to how this country is functionally different from a dictatorship at this point, I would say that there is a way out. In fact, there are several ways out, clear ways out that don't inevitably involve risking our lives, at least not yet and not in an immediate fashion. The question is whether we're going to take them, and how we'll convince ourselves and others to do so.

I know the blog's been incredibly bleak lately, and very microcosmically politically focused. I'm feelin' it, but I'll change that up a bit in the coming weeks, since I still have some posts I promised in (and have been working on since) August. I need to know, these days, that the big movements and the small movements both matter, and that most of what's important to me falls into both categories.


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