Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Crashing Down

Can't say I'm not feelin' the schadenfreude.

I can't say yet why my bitterness against this film still plays so large a role even these months later, but it does. It's such concrete evidence of so many things that are wrong. I'm not a fan of my own perspective, exactly—it would be nice if I'd actually wanted Brokeback Mountain to win, rather than being anything-but-Crash (or, for that matter, anything-but-Bush in the 2004 elections)—but I still don't mind that people, who work hard but not harder than anyone else, and have already been paid approximately my annual salary, are still waiting to be rewarded for neutralizing American racism, disguising sterotypes as stereotypes and liberal guilt with liberal guilt, and reassuring the citizens of Los Angeles that they're not as bad as the people onscreen.


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