Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Poetry: Rita Dove

I should add here that I will respond to the comments on "Alfalsism," I promise; I've been opening a show this week so things are a little crazy.

This poem, however, is lovely.

Rita Dove
Demeter, Waiting

No. Who can bear it. Only someone
who hates herself, who believes
to pull a hand back from a daughter's cheek
is to put love into her pocket --
like one of those ashen Christian
philosophers, or a war-bound soldier.

She is gone again and I will not bear
it, I will drag my grief through a winter
of my own making and refuse
any meadow that recycles itself into
hope. Shit on the cicadas, dry meteor
flash, finicky butterflies! I will wail and thrash
until the whole goddamned golden panorama freezes
over. Then I will sit down to wait for her. Yes.


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