Thursday, November 04, 2004

So Here's the Deal

I am not generally into weblogs/blogs/livejournals/etc. as a form of interpersonal communication. I've found that they encourage a lot of passive-aggressive interaction and other things I'm not into. But I have always read my friends' with devotion and interest, and recently, in anticipation of the election, my friend Connor opened his blog ( to the rantings and ravings of his friends to represent a broader spectrum of political opinion, and I posted.

I really enjoyed it.

This led me to decide that I need a public forum for my political thoughts. Since the personal is political, it will occasionally veer in that direction, but everything I post here will be about and based in politics. If you want to know what I had for dinner, call me. But these are thoughts I need to straighten out, particularly in the wake of this here now election, and I find I am much more likely to write things that I am confident others will be reading. So here we are.

And if you're wondering about the title and url, they come from a 1950s comic book called POGO, by Walt Kelly. It's way out of print, but you should do your best to get a hold of it. The characters are swamp critturs living in the backwoods of Georgia (Pogo is a possum) who continually find themselves in political situtations on a compellingly absurd level. I will post the actual Third Rail Theme in its entirety at a later date, but below is the first campaign song that the resident turtle, Churchy La Femme, composes for Pogo's inadvertent presidential campaign (see I GO POGO, 1951):

Oh, once the opposition
Was completAlly opposed
To all the suppositions
That was GEN'rally supposed;
An' NOW the superstitions
That were tho't to be imposed
Are seen by composition
To be slightly decomposed!

It all fits with the current political situation rather well, I think.


At 6:10 PM, Blogger meridity said...

Yeah, but, what DID you have for dinner?


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